Connecting with Global GovJam
Written by Barbara Mertlova

Connecting with other GovJam events is a vital part of the experience. We have written elsewhere about the value of this

As collaboration is at heart of every Global GovJam around the world, social media come as essential tools for sharing information, materials and ideas, as well as staying updated on the progress of individual GovJams.

But while online networking provides invaluable assets of connection, it can get a bit tricky to find your way. So to help we’ve put together a comprehensive guideline to Social Media of #GGovJam 2018! 


Starting with simple browsing of the web, there are a number of websites you should know about. is the central webpage to which you will want to refer for the backbone for your local GovJam. It offers an overview, a how-to guide to Hosting a Jam, and provides key news, updates on changes, as well as useful resources. takes you a step back, as it covers all three types of Global Jams. It is useful as a directory, if you want to make sense of the different types of Jams there are throughout the year. Dundee is the Global HQ of 2018 #GGovJam. This means you are encouraged to connect with the Scottish city across all online platforms, and you are more than welcomed to get in touch with any questions you may have.



Twitter usually serves as the main platform for #ServiceDesign interactions and connecting worldwide. However, as it operates on high volume data load, it is essential to stick to a few, simple rules. 


#GGovJam - The official hashtag for 2018 Global GovJam is #GGovJam – you are encouraged to use it at all times when sharing anything GovJam related, and to interact with other posts under that hashtag.


@GovJamHQ - This is the official account for the Global GovJam HQ. Follow us for regular updates straight into your feed, and you’ll be able to get all the news almost immediately from there. During GovJam itself, it will also be the place collecting highlights from all corners of the world. 


#DoingNotTalking #PublicService #ServiceDesign and similar terms are helpful to also hashtag.


Altogether, everyone is encouraged to interact and share materials. Tagging these posts makes them easily accessible. 


Facebook - You can join the Global GovJam community by Liking and Following our Facebook page. The GovJam HQ organisers update it regularly with the most important news that you need to know about, and it is a great place to get connected with other Jammers, as well as provide mutual support in Posts.


Instagram - This year we have for the first time launched a GovJam HQ Instagram page. Its main purpose is to highlight the key aspects of GovJam, but also to provide Behind the Scenes insights if you follow our stories. During the GovJam itself, Live Streams will be scheduled throughout the 48hours from various locations!  


Key contacts


If you have a specific question, try browsing the FAQ page we’ve compiled - 


Still unsure about anything? Message us, DM us, Tweet us, drop us a line at