This two day event is open to everyone interested in public services, and who wants to develop their skills and knowledge while working with others. Both individuals and organisations can join – you do not need experience of government or the public sector.

It is part of Global GovJam in which people in over thirty cities across the world gather over two days to simultaneously work on a common design theme. Dundee GovJam will connect with cities using Skype and social media.

The invitation to participate is open to:

  • Public sector employees

  • NHS staff

  • Engaged citizens

  • Third sector professionals

  • Social entrepreneurs

  • Those working in private sector services

  • Digital tech folk

  • Urban planners

  • Architects

  • Teachers and students

  • Social workers

  • Designers

  • Hackers & Makers

  • Anyone else we've missed out

You will learn to design and prototype services in an agile, collaborative way. Along the way you will connect with people across the world taking part in Global GovJam, and be mentored by experts in the field.

Tuesday 5 June, 6pm to 8pm

Everyone gathers to discover a global theme, which is kept secret until jams all over the world have seen it. You will meet other participants and work in teams to develop responses to the theme.

Wednesday 6 June, 9am to 5pm

Experienced facilitators will introduce you to human-centred service design methods and coach the teams in creating a service inspired by the theme. The day will involve street research, and punchy ‘design inspirations’. Teams will also discuss their progress with participants in other countries.

Thursday 7 June, 9am to 5pm

You will continue to design, prototype and test your new service. At the end of the event you will upload a video of your solution to the Global GovJam website to share with the world.